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lack of effort on the ice

How Do I Get Her To Try Her Best?

What if a hockey player just doesn’t give any effort when they are on the ice even though they love playing the game?

Russian minor hockey

What is Russian Hockey Like?

Relegation for losing teams, military style obstacle courses, training in acrobatics? Is minor hockey really that different in Russia?

Is Hockey Safe

Is Hockey a Safe Sport for Kids?

Concerned about your player getting hurt on the ice? While there is always a risk, hockey remains a relatively safe sport to play.

New Hockey Moms

Cold Realities For New Hockey Moms

New to the rink? Your life is about to change considerably. Here’s what to expect in your new role as a Hockey Mom. Welcome to the club!

Brayden Point Hockey Journey

Another Point on Why I Love Hockey

I hope I have the chance in the future to tell Brayden Point what that one day and quick exchange meant to a nine-year-old who idolizes him.

ELS Starting Rep Hockey

Tips on Getting Started in Rep Hockey

Getting started in rep hockey is not easy for first-time parents. Here are some tips to help survive your first season of rep hockey.

Blaze Shields-Pettitt

Autism Can’t Stop Irish Goaltender

Blaze Shields-Pettitt has overcome several medical obstacles — including autism — to become a high-level goaltender in Ireland.