Cold Realities For New Hockey Moms

New Hockey Moms

When you sign your kid up for hockey, you are about to enter a world of fun, friendships and memories.

If you’re a hockey fan you’ve probably already got your warm coat and footwear and are ready to hit the rink bleachers.

If you’re new to the sport, you are about to become a hockey fan because your favorite player is now playing, which quintessentially makes you a hockey mom. Now as a hockey mom you need to understand that your life is about to change. Here is what to expect …

Your social life and social circle will change

Hockey life becomes your life. You will be turning down activities and invitations because “my kid has hockey”. As a result you will soon find that you find yourself hanging out more with other hockey moms. Your non-hockey moms won’t always get your family’s dedication to the sport, but other hockey moms will.

You will work differently

You will make sure you don’t schedule any work meetings after 4 p.m. You will be taking calls in the car on the way to hockey. You will work in the rink while your player practices. Yes … it’s a balance but it is all worth it to see your kids play.

Your typical day changes

It looks like this: Go to work, leave work early, pick up kids from school, go to practice, make dinner, help with homework, hound kids to shower, prep hockey bags for next day, put kids to sleep, finish work report (because you left early), make lunches, go to sleep. Wake up, start again.

Say goodbye to shopping for yourself

You will spend $200 dollars on a hockey stick instead of the season’s “must have” handbag. If you do buy something for yourself you will evaluate it in terms of “Can I wear this to work and is it warm enough for the rink?” Yes, hockey gear will come first!

Your purse will be huge

Remember that diaper bag you carried in your kids’ early years? You may want to dig it out from storage. Your hockey mom purse will contain, snacks, extra socks, hockey tape, hair ties, skate laces, change for the vending machine, first aid kit, Advil, thermal coffee traveler, a hat, a scarf, gloves, blanket and seat warmer.

You will keep your winter clothes in the car

It’s July and your trunk contains a winter coat, warm footwear, hat, scarf and gloves. A Hockey Mom is always prepared for a cold rink. Flip flops and shorts don’t cut it in the rink. Trust me … I have been stepped on by skates while wearing sandals and it wasn’t fun.

You will know every rink within an hour’s drive

Getting to the local rinks, you are on autopilot … including the coffee shop stop on the way. For out-of-town rinks, your GPS has them all programmed. Now just pray the traffic cooperates. There is nothing worse than the panic that sets in when you realize you are going to be late.

Your house and car will smell … bad

There is no smell as awful as the sweaty hockey gear that now airs out in your dining room. You will also find yourself cracking the windows in the car in the middle of February to stop from gagging. Hockey gloves smell and the hands that were in them smell worse. You’ll get used to it. Air fresheners can help.

You will never sleep in again

Weekends are for sleep … says no Hockey Mom ever! Weekends are now for early morning practices, games and tournaments. And I mean early, as in before breakfast.

You may gain weight

While you may have a great workout routine now, it will be tougher to get a visit to the gym in your hockey schedule. Pair that with the lovehandle-inducing rink concession food and you might see a change in your waistline. To negate this, eat before heading to the rink so you won’t be tempted and take a walk while your kid practices for an hour.

Yes, being a Hockey Mom means sacrificing a few things, but there is nothing like watching your kid beam at you from the ice when they hear you cheering for them.

You are so proud of them, and they are proud of your, too. After all, you are THEIR Hockey Mom, and Hockey Moms rock!