Join the Club! Get the App for Hockey Players

The Hockey Players Club app is like if Wayne Gretzky invented Reddit. 

It is a community driven, user created content platform focused solely on hockey.

“Not everyone gets to grow up in a Minnesota, or Boston, or Toronto area where there is plenty of resources around them,” said Brandon Rubeo, co-founder of the Hockey Players Club app.

What started with a couple of guys selling hockey tape out of their dining room, has transformed into a growing platform where users can find, share and discuss the latest hockey content.

“From early on we were like — it is really cool to sell hockey tape and hockey sticks, but it would be much cooler and more beneficial in this community, to try and grow this online community,” said Rubeo, who founded the Hockey Players Club in 2015 with lifelong friend and teammate Matt Schwartz.

One of their goals for the app was to connect and empower communities with less access to hockey related resources.

“When I was growing up in Pittsburgh, my parents never played, none of their friends or friend’s kids played hockey, so there was no idea of like, ‘Oh, you need to get him skating lessons,’” Rubeo said.

You can now find specific hockey content and community engagement all in one place with the Hockey Players Club app.

By combining live scores, news, and online community features, the Hockey Players Club app eliminates the need to bounce around between multiple apps while providing all kinds of hockey related resources.

Its scores feed covers 30 professional leagues in 18 countries, so you’ll never miss a goal.

This extensive coverage keeps you up-to-date with all the stats and standings of your favourite teams from the NHL to the KHL, and everything in between. 

Its news coverage combines articles and stories from, CBC, Sportsnet and more.

Users can curate their homepage to receive the exact type of hockey content they are looking for by following relatable communities.

Whether you’re looking for tips on how to perfect your wrist shot or wanting to debate the latest trades from the night before, the Hockey Players Club app offers a variety of hot topic hockey content for players, coaches, and all hockey fans. 

Plus, if there’s a topic related to hockey that you feel isn’t being covered, you can start the conversation yourself by simply creating a community. 

Ask a question, post a link, or share your own knowledge, the choice is yours and the possibilities are endless.

Users can share their own photos, videos and links to provide community engagement or even to help promote their own content.

Community settings can be set from public to private so you can either allow others to join in and share their ideas or keep the conversation personal between friends or teammates. 

Users can get in on the NHL action by participating in the HPC’s weekly picks game where they will answer nine questions predicting NHL results throughout the week.

Prizes such as gift cards for the HPC store will be awarded to the winner.

The store includes HPC merchandise like hockey sticks, clothing, skate guards, and of course tape. 

Rubeo said they are, “just trying to make a free resource for the hockey community to get a lot of content and hopefully find some other people in the community to connect with.”

Whether you’re a young hockey player looking to build your skills, a coach looking to share drill tips, a Men’s league player sharing a funny story, or just a casual hockey fan, there’s something for every hockey fanatic on the Hockey Players Club app.