How Do I Tell My Son His Hockey Dream is Over?

Hockey Dream is over
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“It feels like the dream is over for my son who wasn’t taken in his U16 draft. He doesn’t want to quit and is locked in on doing something in hockey at a high level but I don’t think he is good enough once I take my parent goggles off. We have had discussions about focussing on school and perhaps getting a job but he is determined to keep going,. He works harder than most kids but the talent just doesn’t match his effort level. What is the best way to tell my kid that his hockey dream is probably over?”

I suggest letting this play out a bit longer.

If you force him to quit, he may be resentful and blame you for squashing his dream.  Some athletes just won’t take NO for an answer and that’s not a bad thing.

It’s really difficult to let go of, or give up on a dream when investment is high.

“Those who invest the most are the last to surrender.”

If there aren’t any major disadvantages or life altering situations that will occur if he continues to chase his dream, let him keep chasing.  He has the rest of his life to work.  School should be a focus regardless.

In the end, the cream always rises to the top.

Give it more time.  At some point it will become obvious to him, one way or the other.

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