How to Stop the ‘Goalie Blinks’?

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“My 14-year-old goalie has a hard time stopping pucks from distance during a game. At first we thought it might be an eyesight problem but that all checked out fine. His coach has chewed him out for not being focussed but it has become clear that he is blinking as soon as the stick makes contact with the puck and then he loses sight of it. Is there a visual exercise he can do to get out of this slump?”

Since he’s wearing a mask, how do you know he’s blinking?

And if it were me, and a hard, black object was coming right at me very quickly, not only would I blink, I would run away!!  I would ask him if he thinks he is blinking.  I would ask him if he feels afraid of the puck.  Fear would be a different answer than the one below.

There’s lots of great information about the gaze for athletes.

What are they looking at?  For how long are they looking? For hockey goaltenders, do they track the puck from the moment it leaves the stick of the shooter?

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